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The Four Biggest No-Nos Of Plumbing

There are so many things homeowners do to their plumbing every year that lead to major problems, but it keeps happening. This is mostly due to habit, but also poor knowledge of how to care for plumbing properly. Here are the four biggest no-nos in plumbing that you should be aware of:

1. Using Drain Cleaner: Using drain cleaner should not be an option nowadays. It's been found that drain cleaners have a high amount of chemicals in them that actually break down the pipes on top of all the gunk, so it's actually not effective in providing a long term solution. Instead, you should clean the drains naturally with baking soda and vinegar, as well as have a professional plumber come out regularly to perform safe and effective drain cleaning in your home. 

2. Using the Garage Disposal as a Trash Can: This is something that comes out of habit. Many people don't even think about it when they do it. They simply rinse their plate clean despite what still might be on it to let it go down the garbage disposal. After all, what is the garbage disposal there for if not to clean out all the gunk? The problem is that large chunks of food can do damage to the blades and even cause the motor to stop running, which is going to cost you a great deal of money to replace if replacement ends up being what's needed. 

3. Disposing of Grease in the Garbage Disposal: Speaking of the garbage disposal, another common habit is throwing grease down it. The problem with this is that, when it hardens, it's going to build up and cause a clog. On top of this, if you dump it down the drain when it's hot, it will cause extreme damage to the pipes and the motor of the garbage disposal. Instead, you need to wait until it cools and dump it in the trash. 

4. Flushing Feminine Products in the Toilet: This is something that is also done out of habit. It's important that it's something that is written off as common knowledge as a plumbing no-no. This is especially true nowadays with low-flow toilets that are cutting back on water usage. These cannot handle anything except waste and toilet paper. Keep a small trash can by the toilet to break this habit. 

Ceasing the use of these common plumbing no-nos in your home can end up saving you a ton of money, so be sure to start breaking these habits today. For more information on how to maintain your plumbing in the home, contact a professional plumbing contractor service, such as Cove Plumbing Inc.