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Suspect Hard Water? What To Do

After relocating to a rural town, you may adjust to various things in your new life. You may need to learn a bit about propane if the house is no longer using electric heat, for example. You might need to learn more about well water if you'll no longer be using a municipal source for your water supply. You might even have to deal with hard water; if you suspect that's a possibility in your new house, try these recommendations.

Recognize Signs

Of course, a suspicion doesn't mean that you've got hard water. Luckily, determining whether the water contains enough minerals to make it "hard" is often simple. For instance: 

Affirmative answers mean that it's probable that the water is indeed "hard". For certainty, buy a kit to measure water at a local home store or consult a professional.

Get Apple Cider Vinegar

Once you admit that hard water is affecting your home, that means that solutions can be tried and found. One product which can be helpful in many ways is apple cider vinegar. You may already be using it for salads and other food dishes, but the unique acidity in this type of vinegar can alleviate some water-related problems. 

For instance, if your laundry never looks clean as a result of water supply, a splash of cider vinegar can fixture that. After the washer drum fills, pour a bit of cider vinegar into the machine and let the cycle complete as normal. Your whites should be much brighter. Water softening capsules or tablets are other options.

Shower Fast

In the past, long luxurious showers might have been your preference. However, with hard water, the longer your skin is exposed to the minerals, it may not glow or seem as hydrated as usual, even if your water intake is fine. If dry skin is becoming annoying to you, fast showers could help because you're exposing your skin for less time. Use bottled water as a better way to wash particularly sensitive or dry areas.

Water treatment experts can discuss the possibility of a home water softener system if you ever get truly tired of hard water. Until then, these ideas are helpful