Learning About Plumbing For Residential Dwellings

Three Times You Want To Call A Plumber

Plumbing problems in your home can be difficult to repair, especially if you have no experience on your own when it comes to plumbing. If you decide to ignore an issue, there is always the potential for higher water bills or unexpected damage that will be expensive to repair, so you don't want to ignore any plumbing issues. While you can usually deal with a clogged toilet or sink on your own, some tasks will require professional help. Here are three things that you could need assistance with.

Retrieving Flushed Foreign Objects

Any homeowner with kids knows about the trouble kids can get into. One thing you may have to deal with is a child flushing an object down the drain. This is something that is near impossible to get out with the right tools, since you don't want to use a plunger to force the object further down the drain.

A plumber can use a camera to see exactly what is causing the clog that won't come out, and then they can use a special retrieval tool that will grab onto the object and pull it out from the drain. It's a simple fix that they can handle very quickly, and it will allow the water to flow in your toilet once again.

Faucets That Won't Shut Off

Do you have a faucet in your home that is constantly dripping water? If so, this could be the cause of higher-than-normal water bills. Dripping water is often caused by a damaged faucet that will need to be repaired. While the parts are relatively inexpensive, you'll most likely have trouble with finding the part and learning how to disassemble and reassemble your faucet.

This is one job that is better to leave to a plumber. They'll have the faucet fixed in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it, and it will ensure that it was done correctly the first time.

Rattling Pipes

Do you hear a banging coming from behind your walls when you shut off the water? This is known as water hammer, which occurs due to an issue with water pressure in the pipes. There may be air pockets that are causing the water to forcefully shake the pipes when the faucet is turned off. Over time, this can cause damage and a potential leak. A plumber can flush your water lines to restore the pressure back to normal, and repair whatever caused the water hammer to occur in the first place.

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