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How To Handle A Gas Leak In Your Home And Have It Repaired Safely

A gas leak can be a serious matter when the leak is inside your home. The buildup of gas could cause an explosion, or if it is a small leak, it could affect your health. Fortunately, gas is treated to make it have a foul odor so you can notice gas leaks right away. Here are some tips for what to do if you suspect there is a gas leak in your home and how to have it repaired.

What To Do If You Think There's A Gas Leak

The safest thing to do is leave your home so you aren't affected by the fumes. Another reason to leave is so you avoid making a spark that could ignite the gas. Once outside, you can call 911, your plumber, and the gas company. If the leak seems to be a large one and you can hear gas hissing, 911 may need to be on the scene in case of a fire or explosion. Your gas company needs to be aware of the problem and send someone to cut off the gas to your property right away. Once the risk of danger has passed, your plumber will be the one to find the leak and repair it.

How A Gas Leak Is Detected

Once the gas is off and your home has been aired out, it's time to hunt down the leak. Gas often leaks around connections to appliances, so your plumber will check those areas. This can be done with a meter that detects the gas or by using a product on the pipe that makes bubbles when gas leaks out of the pipe. A leak can occur along a pipe anywhere if the pipe is old and corroded. Tracking down the leak could take some time, especially if the problem is outdoors or under the ground. If the gas leak is underground, the grass and plants above it might be brown and dying as an indication of where the leak may be.

How A Gas Leak Is Repaired

Repairing a gas leak is like repairing a leak in a plumbing pipe. The pipe is repaired, if possible, or completely replaced if necessary. The plumber may need to repair or replace connections and fittings to an appliance if the connection is the problem. Finding and fixing the leak might entail digging in your yard if the leak is under the ground. Once the leak has been repaired, the plumber will open the gas main and restore gas service to your home. An inspection of the work and the rest of your gas piping system will probably be done to verify there are no additional leaks and the problem has been fixed correctly.

You can have your gas supply checked once a year or so just to give you peace of mind that there are no small leaks, especially if your gas pipes are old. In addition, you should always check the location of gas pipes on your property before you dig in the ground so you don't accidentally rupture a pipe and cause a leak. For more information on gas leak detection, contact a plumbing service in your area, such as Johnson Plumbing.