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Top 4 Water Heater Problems To Lookout For Before Disaster Strikes

The water heater in your home is a mechanical appliance that needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs. When problems go unnoticed, you will have serious problems that are worse than just not having hot water. It is important to do routine visual inspections to insure there are not problems like leaks, cracked dip tubes or bad heating elements. Here are some of the main water heater problems you want to lookout for to get repairs done in time:

Corrosion and Moisture That Are Signs of Leaking

Leaks are a major problem when it comes to your water heater. In the utility room or mechanical space where the unit is located, there should be no moisture. If the areas have signs of moisture, look around the tank for signs of corrosion and try to locate where the water is coming from. Common areas where water heaters leaks are the connections for the pressure release and drainage valves. When inspection boilers and water heaters, you want to make sure that all these valves are functioning properly. If the connections are leaking, contact a repair service to have them replace these parts before they lead to more serious problems.

Hard Water Causing Mineral Scale Buildup and Damage

Hard water is another problem that affects water heaters and other appliances in your home. The minerals in the water cause a whitish buildup inside the appliance and around connections or leaks. The mineral buildup may be noticeable if the hot water coming out of faucets is cloudy. This is why it is important to frequently flush out the water heater tank and boilers that are used with radiant heating systems.

Cracked or Broken Dip Tube Causing Problems

Dip tubes are tubes that go from the bottom to the top of the water tank, and when they break or crack, cold water often stays at the bottom of the tank. Debris and particles also get trapped in the bottom of the tank, and the water heater will not heat water as it should. Replacing the dip tube is a simple repair that will prevent further damage to the water heater or the plumbing in your home.

Bad Heating Element and Little or No Hot Water Efficiently

Another problem that you may have to deal with is bad heating elements. At first, you may not notice anything is wrong if the elements are partially working. It is difficult to tell if a heating element is bad unless you test the elements in the unit. Some signs may be inconsistent water temperatures, the appliance constantly running or warm water when it should be hot. Sometimes, the problem with water heater elements and boilers not heating correctly is due to calcium buildup or hard water. Using a water softener system is a good idea if you have frequent hard water problems that can damage water heaters and other mechanical systems.

Maintenance For Boilers Used For Hot Water And Heating

If you have a radiant heating system, then it uses a boiler, which probably also provides hot water to your home. It is important that you have regular maintenance done to your boiler. A heating service will be able to help with problem that you may have with your boiler throughout the year. In addition, before really cold winter weather comes, it is a good idea to have the boiler and radiators serviced before you begin to start using your heating.

These are some of the main water heater problems that you want to be aware of. When you notice corrosion, cracked dip tubes or other issues, contact a company, like Buchner Bernie Inc, for more help.