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4 Tips To Help You With The Testing And Removal Of Hazardous Mold Growth

If you have recently had a problem with water damage, one of the issues that you want to be aware of is mold growth. Mold and mildew is often found in homes where there is moisture, but there are some strains of mold spores that are hazardous and need to be removal. Here are some tips to help with the testing and removal of mold after water damage:

1. Identifying the Cause of Potential Mold Growth

There are different reasons why mold may start growing in your home, which can be related to plumbing problems, leak and storm damage to your home. You will first want to find the source of the water and mold growth, so you can continue with the needed repairs to get the problems under control.

2. Repairs to Stop Water Damage and Mold Growth

Before you can continue with repairs and restoration, you will want to do the repairs to stop the mold. If the problem was caused by a plumbing leak, contact local plumbers and have the needed repairs done; if the problem was caused by a roofing problem, have a roofer patch the leaks and door roof repairs; and if the problem was caused by damage to the exterior of your home, contact a remodeling and renovation contractor to help with the repairs.

3. Testing for Dangerous Mold Growth That Needs Removal

There are many different types of mold that can grow in your home, and not all are a health concern. Some of the mold and mildew you can easily clean up on your own. You will want to have the mold tested to see if it is the dangerous black type of mold. The dangerous mold types can often spread far from the source of moisture and quickly takeover your home.

4. Removal of The Mold Growth That Is Spreading Through Your Home

If the test shows that your home has the dangerous type of mold growth, you will need help with removal of the mold. A mold removal service will come and help with removal and disposal of the materials that have been damaged. They will also treat your home for the mold to prevent it from coming back after restoration is completed.

These are some tips to help you deal with testing and removal of mold after your home has had water damage. Often these problems are caused by plumbing leaks, contact a plumbing contractor to help with maintenance and repairs to your plumbing to help prevent these mold problems.