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3 Common Reasons For Drain Clogs In A Cafeteria Kitchen

In a cafeteria setting, your goal is to serve a huge number of people, oftentimes all around the same time, and then get the mess cleaned up before the next scheduled meal event. Because so much time and attention are given to meal prep and cleaning, it is common for underlying things to be neglected, such as keeping the drains free-flowing and clean. Knowing this fact is important if you manage a cafeteria kitchen, but being proactive should be your next step. Here is a look at three common reasons for drain clogs in a cafeteria setting. 

1. Food disposal systems are not properly functioning 

Food disposal systems are a hugely important component in a cafeteria kitchen setting because food trays have to be washed on the fly as quickly as possible. The leftover food bits that don't make it into trash bins get washed into an industrial food disposal system that should pulverize whatever food goes down the drain into fine bits that are easily washed down the drain. However, as time passes, these disposal systems can wear down, many times needing replacement blades and even new motors. If you have not been properly maintaining your food disposal system, it is a higher likelihood that you will have issues with clogs. 

2. Employees are not properly disposing of fats and oils

Even with a good food disposal system, fat, grease, and oil should be properly disposed of in a receptacle specifically for the purpose. It is easy to forget that and pour excess oil or grease from pans into a food disposal system or down the drain, neither of which is a good idea. These contaminants cling to the inner walls of your drain lines and will not wash away with just water alone. Therefore, making sure your employees are well trained to properly get rid of fats and oils is important. 

3. Drains inside the cafeteria have never been professionally cleaned

No matter how attentive you are to other processes that involve the drains, it is always best to have the drainage system in the cafeteria kitchen cleaned professionally on occasion. During professional drain cleaning, the drain lines are opened up and cleaned with a blast of streaming warm water to wash away debris and contaminants that can contribute to problems with clogs. Having the drains cleaned on occasion will help ensure you don't run into a nasty clog in the middle of a busy day.

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