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Tips For Replacing Your Home's Toilet

Do you have a toilet that needs to to be replaced? If so, you may be wondering how you should go about doing it. Here are some tips for replacing that broken toilet for a new one.

Measure The Toilet Properly

Before you head off to the store to buy a new toilet, make sure that you measure your old one correctly. The key measurement that you need is how far away your wall is from the bolt that is farthest back on the base of the toilet. If you make the mistake and purchase a toilet with a water reservoir tank that is too deep, it is not going to fit on your floor with the space between the bolt and the wall being too small.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that all toilets are made with the same size in mind, since your home could be very old and have a toilet that was made based on the standards at the time.

Don't Forget The Materials

When you're at your local home improvement store picking up your new toilet, do not forget to pick up a new wax ring. This is one part that you may easily forget if it is your first time replacing a toilet. Everything else that you need, like wrenches, you should already have stored in a basic toolbox.

Remove All The Water With A Shop Vacuum

The first step will be to drain all of the water from your old toilet.. Instead of trying to scoop the water out of the tank, your best bet is to use a shop vacuum. This will allow you to suck every drop of water right out of the bowl and the water reserve tank, which should prevent you from making a big mess when you remove the toilet from the floor.

Have A Putty Knife Handy

When you remove the old toilet, there is going to residue left on the floor from the wax ring. The best way to remove this wax is to scrape everything off the floor using a putty knife. A plastic putty knife will be just fine, since it will not damage the tile underneath as you use it to scrape the floor.

If the task for replacing plumbing on your own seems too complicated, know that you can always leave this job to a professional. Have a local plumber come and handle the entire job for you.