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3 Signs Of Plumbing Root Clogs

Your yard is full of beautiful plants and large trees which can make the exterior of your house look extremely attractive. However, unfortunately, these same plants can cause a great deal of interior chaos within your home if their roots manage to make their way into the plumbing under your yard. Understanding what some of the more common warning signs associated with roots clogging your plumbing can help you determine when you should get in touch not only with a plumber to fix the clog but with a landscaper to reduce the risk of future root clogs occurring.

1. Interior Clogs

A fairly obvious indication that you have a root problem in your plumbing is if you experience any sort of drainage issues within your yard. Drain clogs are extremely common: however, if roots have clogged the sewer line in your yard, it is likely that every drain in your home will experience some sort of issue. You may find that, in severe cases, sewage may back up into the drains on the lowest level of your home. 

Another indication that your clog may be a root problem is if you simply cannot seem to clear it, no matter how much plunging you do or drain cleaner you pour. Drain snakes may also have trouble dealing with the durable roots of your trees: professional and industrial tools may be necessary.

2. Asymmetrical Growth

Another clear sign that your tree's roots may have found their way into your plumbing is if you notice that a specific section within your yard, or even just a specific plant or tree, suddenly grows at a rate in excess of the surrounding plants. This can point to roots that have managed to find their way into your plumbing, allowing them access to the nutrients stored in the waste much like a fertilizer.

3. Lawn Damage

Finally, another serious issue associated with root damage to your plumbing system that you should watch out for is if you notice any sort of change in the level of your yard. Broken drainage pipes can allow waste to drain freely into the soil of your yard. Beyond causing increased growth as mentioned above, this can lead to erosion and shifting soil, causing specific sections of your yard to sink and potentially even leading to pools of standing water forming on your yard. This can be a serious health hazard, as your yard will be exposed to raw sewage.

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