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What Happens When You Roto-Root Only To Discover Damaged Pipeline

Plumbing services frequently include blasting away tree and shrub roots that have become entangled in underground pipelines. However, a majority of these roto-rooting procedures often uncover a much more troubling problem: damaged and/or leaking pipelines. What do you do then? Here are some of the ways plumbing services can help you out if you have damaged pipelines.

Seal from Within and Underground

Just as a blasting hose can slink through the pipes and get rid of root balls in the line, repairs can be made also. If the damage to the line is not too severe, a separate hose is sent into the line. Instead of water, a sealing mixture that expands is carefully applied to the damaged pipe with the aid of a plumbing borescope and camera. Careful attention is given to just the area where the pipes will leak sewage into the ground. 

Dig It up and Replace It

It is not the most favorable of options or actions, but when the plumber discovers that the roots that were recently blocking the line have also crushed it and broken it open, then the pipe has to be replaced. This means that the area where the damaged pipe exists underground will have to be excavated. Once the damaged pipe is completely unearthed, the plumber removes it and replaces it with brand-new pipe, taking great care to seal its new and old edges together. 

Coat the Inside of the Pipe and Put It Back

Another option is to dig up the pipe, coat the inside of the pipe with a polymer that will block all the holes, and then place it back in the ground. The ends of the pipes in the lines are then reattached to each other, and the ends are reinforced and sealed to prevent any further encroachment and entrance of roots in the pipeline. This option and related actions may or may not be cheaper than a total replacement.

Despite the fact that you just shelled out money for a plumber to clear the pipeline, you now have to fix the situation with the leaking and damaged pipe. Most cities and states will not allow you to leave the pipeline like this because of the environmental issues and health issues raw sewage presents. At the very least, you can take comfort in the fact that the plumber can address this issue right after you make the discovery.