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2 Tips To Care For Your Plumbing Pipes This Winter

Now that colder weather has arrived, winter will be here soon. Because of this, there are many tasks around your home that you need to do to prevent problems this winter. One thing you need to start with is the plumbing pipes. To help you do this, below are two tips to on how to care for your plumbing pipes so they can withstand the cold weather.

Contact a Plumber

Hire a plumber to come to your home to inspect your pipes. The plumber will inspect the pipes for any damage, such as cracks or leaks around the joints. If the plumbing pipes are old, they may suggest that you replace the pipes with updated plumbing pipes. If the plumber finds problems with the pipes and the pipes are not old, the professional can repair the pipes by caulking them. The plumber can also replace certain sections of pipes instead of the entire plumbing pipe system.

The plumber will check the pipes for clogs that may be built up deep inside them. If you have noticed water not draining as fast as it normally does in your kitchen and/or bathroom, then there is likely a clog.

The plumber will also look for any plumbing leaks in the home and, if they find any, will repair the leaks.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

One thing that can happen in winter is frozen plumbing pipes, and this can cause extensive damage. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent the pipes from freezing. One of these things is to make sure there is proper insulation in your crawlspace, attic, and basement. This will help prevent the temperatures from getting too cold inside your home and freezing the pipes.

The plumber may suggest that the plumbing pipes be insulated if you live in a very cold area. There is insulation that is made of foam and placed over the exterior of the pipe. This is also known as sleeve insulation. This works well with straight pipes. For curved plumbing pipes, you need to insulate the pipes with wrap insulation. This pipe insulation is made of things like foam, foil, rubber, or bubble film. Special tape is used to secure the wrap insulation.

The plumber you hire can give you much more information about how to care for your plumbing pipes this winter. The plumber can also answer any questions you may have to ensure you do not have plumbing problems when the temperature is cold outside. Contact a company like The King's Helper to learn more.