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4 Tips To Help Deal With The Maintenance Needs Of A Plastic Plumbing System

One of the materials that is being installed more in residential plumbing is plastic pipe. Plastic plumbing systems are more affordable than copper and have many benefits over conventional pipes. There are also unique maintenance needs that your plastic plumbing system are going to need. Here are some tips to help deal with the unique maintenance needs of plastic plumbing systems.

1. Turning Off Water When Doing Common Repairs to Lines

One of the biggest benefits of plastic plumbing systems is how easy it makes doing routine maintenance tasks. All you must do is turn off the water to the lines where repairs need to be done. This can be done at the plumbing manifold that was installed with the new pipes, which should be labeled. If the individual lines are not labeled, test each one and label them before doing repairs to make maintenance tasks easier.

2. Winterizing Plastic Plumbing Systems for Winter Weather

Another benefit of plastic pipes is that they will make the task of winterizing much easier. Just like the other lines in your home, outside plumbing should be connected to the manifold. To winterize outside plumbing, turn the water to the lines off and then open faucets to allow all the water to drain out and prevent winter freeze damage.

3. Preventing Burst Water Lines and Energy Loss with Insulation

Burst plumbing lines can be one of the most frustrating winter plumbing problems. To prevent these problems, it is a good idea to allow the water to drain out of the system, but other tasks can also help. Make sure that you insulate hot water lines and any lines on exterior walls or in areas that are exposed to cold air, such as in a crawl space or unfinished space in your home.

4. Repairing Leaking Connections with Plastic Plumbing Systems

As with any type of plumbing system that you have installed in your home, leaks can be a serious problem that you have to deal with. Dealing with leaks with your plastic pipes can be easy by turning the water off. Once the water is off, remove water from the line and refit the connections to ensure they are not leaking and causing damage.

These are some plastic plumbing maintenance tips to help you with maintaining plastic pipes. If you need help with repairs or maintenance of your plumbing system, contact a professional residential plumber and talk to them about the maintenance needs of your plastic pipes.