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3 Signs Indicating That You Might Have a Leak in Your Main Water Line

Your main water line is important because it's the line that brings water to your home. If you have a leak, it can result in some serious problems. Depending on what is wrong with your main water line and where the leak is, it could be your responsibility to fix it. Otherwise, it could be the responsibility of your county or city. Regardless of who is in charge of repairing it, it's important to pay attention if you have a main water line leak. Below are some of the signs to be aware of.

1. Signs of Water in Your Yard

One of the first signs that you might have a main water line leak on your property is if there are signs of water in your yard. You might see standing water or small puddles. You may also notice sinkholes, which can occur from the ground being saturated for a long period of time. It can be hard to tell if there are any signs of a main water line leak if there has been a lot of rain in your area lately, but if it's been generally dry and you still notice signs of water in your yard, there's a solid chance that your main water line is to blame.

2. An Expensive Water Bill

Another key sign that there might be something wrong with your main water line is if you receive an expensive water bill in the mail. Basically, this can happen because of your water line continuously using water because of the leak. A minor increase in your water bill could be caused by just about anything, including taking longer showers or doing more laundry than usual. If the bill is significantly higher than it normally is, though, it might be because of a serious leak, whether the leak is related to your main water line or not.

3. Lack of Water in Your Home

If the leak in your main water line is relatively minor, then you might not notice a difference in water pressure and availability of water in your home. If the leak is serious, though, you might not get any water in your home, or the water pressure might be seriously affected.

If any of these three problems have been showing themselves lately, then you should get a water main repair. Contact a plumber who specializes in main water line repairs to find out if there is something wrong with your main water line.