Learning About Plumbing For Residential Dwellings

Remodel The Bathroom

If you have always wished that you had a bigger bathroom, but you aren't wanting to have walls torn down, then there are easier things you can do that give you more space in that bathroom. Another upside to doing some of these things is they will also turn what may be a currently outdated bathroom into a modern one with a design you appreciate. Here are a few things that can give you more space.

Remove that his and hers sink set

If you have a his and hers sink set in the bathroom, then the unit likely takes up close to an entire wall. While it can be nice to have two sinks, it tends to be more of a luxury than an actual necessity. You can have the sinks and the vanity removed. You can replace that large vanity with a much smaller one that has a single sink. Or, to really increase the extra space in the bathroom, consider replacing it with a nice pedestal sink. This will free up a very large amount of space. A pedestal sink is a sink with its own stand, so there are no drawers under it taking up room.

Replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower

Your bathtub will make the bathroom appear to be smaller because it has a side that protrudes out into the bathroom space, playing visual tricks on your eyes. Having the tub removed and a walk-in shower installed that takes up the same amount of space can make the room look bigger to the eye.

Hang glass shower doors

To make the room look even larger with that walk-in shower, opt to have glass doors installed. This way, you won't have a shower curtain hanging in the bathroom that also cuts the room off making it look like it is smaller.

Go with a clawfoot tub

If you don't want to go the shower route because you like your baths, then you may want to have your built-in tub replaced with a clawfoot tub. This is a freestanding bathtub that has for legs, so it is kept up off the ground. While this type of tub may not actually give you more space, it will look as if it does. This is an optical illusion because this type of tub is freestanding and won't touch any of the walls. This can make the bathroom look bigger.

To learn more about remodeling your bathroom, reach out to professionals like those at Gold Seal Plumbing.