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Humidity & Moisture From a Problematic Plumbing System

Do the mirrors and other glass items in your house tend to fog up a lot for an unknown reason? Have you also noticed that the inside of your house is constantly humid, which makes your body and the various objects in your house feel wet? The problems that you are experiencing can possibly be due to there being something wrong with one or more of the plumbing lines. For instance, when plumbing lines are not in good shape, it is possible for them to leak and allow water or waste to seep out, which can end up in the wall cavities. The content that is in the remainder of this article will give you an idea of what might be wrong with the plumbing system in your house and possible resolutions to the problems.

Plumbing Line Connectors Are Loose

There are connector pieces that are used for attaching each line within the plumbing system to each other. It is possible that water and waste doesn't fully flow through the lines because the connectors are loose. A portion of the water and waste is possibly seeping out and getting into the wall cavities and any other area of your house that the lines run through. If such a problem exists, it is the likely reason why you are noticing foggy and wet objects in your house. You will need a plumber to find out if there are pipes that have loose connectors, as he or she might be able to use special equipment to avoid demolishing drywall to access them.

Rust Has Caused the Lines to Crack

If your plumbing system is made up of a series of metal pipes, rust may have caused them to crack open. Many modern homes are constructed using plastic pipes to avoid such a problem. Although you are unable to see through the walls in your house, you can get a good idea of if your plumbing lines are metal by looking beneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks. If the pipes beneath the sinks are metal, it is likely that all other pipes are metal as well. A plumber can let you know if you have rusty and cracked plumbing lines that need to be replaced to prevent water and waste from leaking out.

The Plumbing System is Slightly Backed Up

Your home plumbing system might be slightly back up and causing humidity that creates moisture. A slightly backed up system is still somewhat functional, but water and waste moves through the lines slower than usual. You end up with liquid sitting in the lines for a long time and create a humid environment in the house. Getting the lines jetted out by a plumber should resolve the problem.