Learning About Plumbing For Residential Dwellings

Three Issues Residential Water Wells Commonly Experience

Water wells are a vital option for those that are living in areas too far for traditional water service. Despite the fact that a well can be a common sight in rural areas, you might not be aware of the various problems the well can experience if you are new to owning one of these water supply systems.

Well Collapse

The most obvious and serious problem that your well can experience will be a collapse. This often occurs as a result of the interior well shaft eroding or otherwise failing. When this type of failure happens, the well can be rendered completely inoperable, and it will need to be redrilled. Additionally, this could pose a safety risk as individuals could be more likely to trip or fall in the collapse. Regular inspections are essential for avoiding this problem as they will allow for issues with the shaft walls to be identified so they can be reinforced before a collapse occurs.

Pump Failure

Moving the water from the underground source will require a powerful pump that can pull the water to the surface. This makes the pump one of the most important components of the well system, and problems with it can lead to major problems for the homeowner as they may lose their source of water. It can be difficult for homeowners to know when problems with their well pumps are developing as they will typically be located far from the home. Yearly servicing can help to keep the well pump functioning. However, a sudden change in the availability of water for the home could indicate a serious issue with either the pump or the well itself, and both of these problems will need to quickly be addressed by a professional.


Water contamination is an issue that well owners will have to appreciate if they are to keep their home's water source clean and safe to drink. Contamination can occur from a variety of substances, but this does not always mean that the water source is no longer usable. Modern well pump systems can have filtration components attached, which will allow for any contaminating substances to be removed from the water without impacting its taste. Choosing the right filtration system can be a challenge, but knowing the contaminants that must be removed can help with this. Luckily, comprehensive water testing will provide you with the information you need to choose an effective filtration system. 

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