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Warning Signs That You Need To Call For AC Repair

In a perfect world, your air conditioner would keep chugging away, hour after hour and day after day. But sometimes these appliances do struggle, break down, and require repairs. The sooner you notice, the easier the issue typically is to fix. So what are the signs you need to call for AC repair

Failing to reach the thermostat setting. 

Sometimes homeowners will feel the air coming from an air conditioner, realize it is cool, and figure that's enough. But it is hard to tell exactly how cool the air is just by putting your hand in front of it. If the air conditioner has been running but your home never quite reaches the temperature selected on the thermostat, that's a sign that the air coming out is not as cool as you think, which definitely indicates repairs are needed.

Strange smells.

The air coming from your AC unit might smell a little dusty or musty the first day you turn the AC on in the spring. But after that, the air should be odorless. Smells indicate that something somewhere is blocked or molding and that a repair person needs to address those problems.

Sustained high humidity.

Say your air conditioner is cooling the space down, but it still feels really humid. One of an air conditioner's jobs is to remove humidity, and if it is not doing this effectively, then something is definitely wrong. You can tell your home is humid if condensation is forming on the windows or if it takes something (like a towel or a freshly washed floor) forever to dry once it's wet.

Leaking water.

If you see a puddle of water around your air conditioner coil or, worse yet, near one of your AC vents, this means that a condensation tube is blocked. It could also mean that the condensation pump is not working. While the air conditioner will still be able to cool your home with this issue, the spilling-over water can lead to mold growth and rot, so it's something to have checked. Also, there's a chance the fluid you're seeing is coolant, not water, which means the unit's leak really needs to be repaired.

Air conditioners do break down from time to time, but a good repair person can fix that! Keep an eye out for the signs above, and don't hesitate to contact an HVAC company if you have any other concerns.